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When one watches TV you see all those commercials promising the final solution for cellulite, but in reality it is a little bit different…….

I suffer from a lot of things like sunburn, itch and rash
Like boring work, a yelling boss and always lack of cash
I drink too much to cope with this, I'm really terrified
But the one thing that I fear most is surely cellulite

I do not smoke, I exercise, I do the creams and showers
I try to keep in a good shape, I do what´s in my powers
I watch my legs just every day to see if signs are there
and when I see a simple dimple I am in despair

My weight is far out of control, I struggle every day
The pounds are coming on so fast and they are here to stay
I sometimes have an awful bout of untamed appetite
Then don´t eat for a week ´cause I am fearing cellulite

My belly once was tight and flat but now it’s giving way
I have to train my abs a lot, Pilates every day
I watch the wrinkles coming up, my mirror just confronts me
I’m working hard to get them off, I have to botox monthly

I’m trying just to keep my youth, It's such an unfair fight
But most of all I’m fighting off the threat of cellulite
The one thing that I fear the most, I really cannot hide:
Will he still love me when he sees that I have cellulite?


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