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On the death of Pierre Lauffer jr

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On the death of Pierre Lauffer jr

Pierre Lauffer jr was a good friend and a gifted entertainer, singer and multi-instrumentalist. He suffered from diabetes that caused damage to his blood vessels and heart. He desperately  fought against his disease, but finally died from a fatal heart attack at the age of 62. His favorite song was:” I did it my way”.

Please stay with me, I’m trying not to cry
Because my love, I feel I’m gonna die
I’m desperate, I fear what comes so much
I’m craving for the comfort of your touch

I feel that ice-cold fist around my heart
It pulls and twists and tears my heart apart
I smell the breath of death, I fight in vain
I went through so much agony and pain

My body fails me, it got really bad
Once a strong man, there’s nothing left of that
And now, the end is near, what more to say
I lived my life, and I did it my way

Farewell my love, you have to go away
Thank you so much that you wanted to stay
I’m facing now the dark and lonesome night
I will not see the early morning light

I do not want to go, try to resist
But I am pulled away by that cold fist
I have no power left, have to give way
My God, why must I go this gruesome way?


...don't think of yourself as a jazz musician. Think of yourself as a human being who plays music

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