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This is the story of someone who could not get away from the influence of the ex-partner……..

I’m waiting for your call so long
I think of all that can go wrong
I hate so what it is about
And that is: your eternal doubt

Oh yes, you left her, but: oh no
She didn’t want to let you go
Before you left she made a net
And you cannot escape from that

And since she knows you oh so well
She knows precisely what to tell
To make you feel like you were dirt
She knows exactly how to hurt

And when we talk it always seems
She is with you and in between
She tries to keep us far apart
It has been this way from the start

There was a quarrel, there were tears
I had big hopes and many fears
You said you would decide today
And tell me if you’re gonna stay

It is so late, there the phone rings!
You talk and tell me many things:
You did it wrong, will make it right
Although it’s dark, the night is bright

After so long, I feel so good
I am so glad you understood
It cannot work if it is three
It’s either her or it is me

But now, the next day, feel so bad
'Cause you just called me, told me that…..

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