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The businessman

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The businessman

The life of businessmen who are on the road all the time is full of temptations. They live in hotels and try to have some fun at the bar……….

I’m just an ordinary guy who´s sitting at the bar
I’m glad I can just talk to you and tell how ‘t got this far
As you can see I’m here alone and sipping from my wine
It has not always been this way but I am feeling fine

I was a trav’ling businessman and always on the road
Back home I had a family, a house, a car, a boat
I stayed in hotels by the score, felt lonely every night
My business was not going well, life ain’t always so bright

One night, I just had sold a lot, was sitting at the bar
I saw her entering the lounge just like a movie star
I offered her a drink, later she called me ‘mon amour’
And I was so in heaven, thought it would be for ‘toujours’

After some time she called me, she wanted to be with me
My marriage then was not so good, I was happy to agree
I left my wife and lived with her and all things looked ok
But bit by bit she started to go out, then stayed away

So now I’m sitting here alone and sipping from my wine
I lost my wife, my girlfriend too, but still I’m feeling fine
I lost a lot but gained much too, at last I now feel free
So come on, join me if you want and drink a glass with me

*mon amour: my love *toujours: always


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