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Truckdriver in hell

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Truckdriver in hell

This story is based on an CNN broadcast about a US truckdriver in Iraq. He felt especially deceived when he saw his paycheck that was far less than they had promised him…..

They promised me top salary so I quit my job and went
My wife then was not happy, but you must understand
This was the opportunity to build ourselves a home
And now, after so many months, we feel just left alone

They told me when I wanted I could get 10 grand a month
That’s really what they told me, now they say I got it wrong
Could be a little dangerous, but yet I should not care
It’s nothing for the faint of heart, protection would be there

So off I went, I kissed my wife and all my kids goodbye
We asked the Lord that he would go with me and stand me by
When I got there they told me what to do and wished me well
I made some friends and then I made my first trip through the hell

When I was driving there I just felt like a sitting duck
In order to survive I needed many tons of luck
I was shot at and friends of mine were killed along the way
But I held on because I thought they’d give me a good pay

Week after week I drove my truck and when the paycheck came
It was far less than I was told, it was a bloody shame
I asked the company about it, this is what they said:
It was all in the contract, when I signed I should have read

What I did wrong: I just trusted a man upon his word
I feel betrayed, I risk my life, for them it’s nothing worth
Our dream to build ourselves a better home has gone astray
And I am stuck here in the hell and cannot get away


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