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Rienk Rienks

Rienk Rienks

vrijdag, 23 september 2011 00:00

Air travelling 2K15: Better nude than sorry

A little bit melancholy to the good old days of careless flying. You just went to the airport and checked in and that was it. Now it is a circus with moody security personnel implementing ever tighter security measures and a humiliating undressing procedure. For our own good, of course. This poem was written before the infamous “Christmas Day bombing attempt” on December 25, 2009, when 23-year-old Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab tried to blow up Northwest Airlines Flight 253 from Amsterdam to Detroit with plastic explosives in his underwear. So, what’s next?


vrijdag, 23 september 2011 00:00

Falling bodies

What to say about 9/11/2001? Words fail, of course. With all the suffering, what touched me the most was those poor people who had to choose between burning alive and jumping….……

vrijdag, 23 september 2011 00:00


When one watches TV you see all those commercials promising the final solution for cellulite, but in reality it is a little bit different…….

vrijdag, 23 september 2011 00:00

Falling Asleep

Although you’re alone, It’s great to know that there’s someone that loves you

vrijdag, 23 september 2011 00:00

After Epicurus

“Therefore, as Epicurus famously said, "death is nothing to us." When we exist death is not, and when death exists we are not.

vrijdag, 23 september 2011 00:00

When I think of you

When you are in love, there is only one thing on your mind….

we hebben gespeeld in restaurant “het Lingebosch “ te Vuren, ter gelegenheid van de 65e verjaardag van de gastheer (gefeliciteerd!). we speelden met Mia Swart, een fantastische Nederlandse zangeres die momenteel in Zuid Afrika woont.

Optreden met trio ter gelegenheid van Dress Red day, een initiatief van de Nederlandse Vereniging voor Cardiologie, om hart- en vaatziekten bij vrouwen onder de aandacht te brengen.

In a great ambiance at the side of the swimming pool and with good food, it was a great occasion for me to play and for Touria to sing again with old musical friends like Hugo Santos (double bass) and Lucia Capobianco (piano). Great hosts!

on the occasion of the marriage of two wonderful people: Daniel Toth from Germany and Farah Barakat from France. European and cultural integration at its best! With great vocal contributions from Touria and Hero! I  wish them happiness and fortune for the rest of their lives.


...don't think of yourself as a jazz musician. Think of yourself as a human being who plays music

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