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Big news, far away

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Big news, far away

For all the parents, children and grandchildren who live far apart……………

Oh my sweet girl, you told me the big news
That in you now is growing the new life
I see your happiness, your sparkling eyes
So glad to tell what you already knew

I am here now, the travel was so long
I am still tired, but so excited too
1 can’t believe it, yet it’s really true
I’ll stay so short, I wished I could prolong

Although I’m happy sadness comes with it
Since I’ll not witness how your child will grow
You are so far, it is not hard to know
I’ll always be a stranger to your kid

I would like to support you so much more
I see you are full of uncertainty 
Is all ok? How will the future be?
But all I can is call you, nothing more

No hugs, no gestures, no kisses from me 
I also will not see how much you'll grow 
Or feel the movements that rejoice you so
I’ll listen to the things you’ll share with me

And when the day comes you’ve been waiting for
I’ll not be there to comfort you, my dear
To say those little things, relieve your fear
I’ll just be waiting till I hear some more

I miss you so, we are so far apart
I celebrate the new life within you
Needless to say I am so proud of you
Already close your baby in my heart

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