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Oui, ma cherie!

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Oui, ma cherie!

This poem is based on a sign in cafe Le Brocante (Place du jeu de balle, Vossenplein, Brussels) promoting beer, that says: mon mec a toujours le dernier mot: oui ma cherie (my guy has always the last say: yes my love)

There they came, the old French couple
She in front, he lagging behind
She was looking for some rebates
He was nothing but just kind
They stopped in front of a window
She was doubting, one could see
And she asked him: shall I buy it?
And he said: oui, ma cherie

They were sitting at a table
In a nice small French bistro
She was talking about neighbours
And about miss such-and-so
He just nodded, didn’t follow
Had no key who she could be
Then she asked: isn’t she nasty?
And he said: oui ma cherie

It has been so long ago now
That he dared to disagree
When he did, there was a quarrel
He gave up eventually
Since then it was nice and quiet
He lost his identity
What she wanted him to say was
Only this: oui, ma cherie

He was sitting at her sickbed
Only hours more to kill
Till she alas had to leave him
Trusting him with her last will
Nothing to say to each other
She then asked him finally:
You still love me, cheri, don’t you?
And he said: no, ma cherie.


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