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Two lonely people

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Two lonely people

This is about  two friends who meet after their respective relationships have broken down ..

When I went to your house I had no clue
Of what the night with you was gonna be
While goin’ up the stairs I only knew
That you'd called me, wanted to talk to me

So there we sat, talked, on and on it went 
I told you that my love had gone astray
And you told me that I should understand
That you loved him but that he could not stay

He could not make a choice and when he did
He placed his wife and children above you
A shattered dream, was this the end of it?
Had all the things he told you been untrue?

You poured the wine, we drunk, and time went on
We both felt lonely, sought each others warmth
You started crying ‘cause what he had done
You missed him so, we found each other’s arms

And at the end, dawn had already come
We had consoled each other, what to say
We still felt lonely, ‘cause our loves had gone
We kissed and hugged and then I went away


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